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On Exiting from/for Pigs, Human OS, & the Birth of Gadget

  • We talk about various degrees of exit from society, and some picture retreating to raise pigs on a farm while transacting on the blockchain. There’s another form of exit: leading—and this also requires some tolerance for pigs.

  • The constancy in civilization is that humans have functioned with the same operating system. Only when there is a fundamental change to the operating system, do the rules of governance change. Yet, it is precisely where the least amount of innovation has occurred.

  • Humans are going through the great unbundling, disassociating, and hacking parts of their nature towards new forms—some have leaned into it, others prefer to retreat to an illusory past—no matter where you stand, new compasses are needed to navigate this great unbundling.

  • Today’s individual might laugh at the ‘peasants’ who cherished religions and sought to abide by religious ideals, but what has changed today? We create mythologies of future material prosperity and derive purpose from the digital representations of our hedonic pursuits.

  • With the death of God, came the birth of nation-state; with the death of nation-state, came the birth of gadget.

On Obstacles as Truth, Unity as Suppression, & Anti-Heroism

  • What appears to be an obstacle to a higher truth is a false utopian phantasm; the obstacle is the truth, and truth has a patron. 

  • Adaptation is observing the laws that go beyond a given time and place.

  • Narratives bind people with the iron chains of ideas, which are tightened further when people believe it to be their own work. 

  • A call for unity suppresses opposition, yet the security and liberty of the common individual require unity.

  • One can assess the strength and character of a generation by how much they need instructions.

  • Dynamic societies enable their users by providing constructive expressions of heroism and ambition. Static societies disable their users by ridiculing or misdirecting expressions of heroism and ambition. 

  • In modern times, the number of zeros in our bank accounts determine our heroic worth.

  • All ambition comes with struggle, society concedes nothing without the burdened weight that comes with leading it.

  • If we assume we have already arrived, we realize that the mapped out journey was just a distraction from our real life’s work.

  • The modern agony is having to submit to the orders of uninteresting and empty shells of people—the anti-heroic managerial class.

On Medicalized Neophelia, Big Over Small, & Buzzword Obscurantism

  • The pioneers of tomorrow are alive today with no recognition of their contributions to future societies.

  • Look inside the creative mind and they are a mechanic and an artisan crippled with neophelia—what modern society considers to be attention deficit disorder.

  • The medicalization of individuals is not because of their maladjustment to society, but of society's maladjustment to them.

  • Find the disconnected islands on a map, and you'll soon discover treasure chests yet to be unveiled for widespread appeal.

  • What matters is not getting many small things right, but getting one big thing right. The small things won't matter if you succeed on the big thing, the small things will matter if you fail on the big thing.

  • Buzzwords are inversely proportional to originality. They purposefully obscure, rather than clarify.

  • Too much extravagant hyperbole, and you'll end up a dead fish in a bowl.

On Punches, Nay-sayers, & Magnified Minimizations

  • Conformists tense up their mind to defend against punches, explorers prefer to step out of the way.

  • Wisdom is knowing when to ignore or listen to well-meaning nay-sayers.

  • We seek to hold in high regard what we possess, and in low regard, what we are deficient in.

  • Magnify the hidden and minimize the visible when observing individuals.

  • Status only brings to the forefront a person’s foolishness once concealed.

  • Those who seek to mock others make a mockery of themselves.

  • Be excessive in your work, but moderate in showing it.

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