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On Tormented Revolutions, Parading Old Slogans, & Unworthy Footnotes

  • Revolutions replace old faces with new ones, names and appearances change as to become hidden from undiscerning eyes. Those who take over receive a fraction of what they envisioned, forever tormented by the fear of a new revolution.

  • Superior revolutions are covert—neither explicit nor conspiratorial. If they become the latter, they are inferior and bound to fail by default.

  • Study the history of the past three generations. Tricks used today are slogans of the past parading as the new, old mistakes ripe to be repeated again, and again, and again. 

  • Moral wars keep the masses in check by giving them an outlet for their fury without disturbing the predominant economic paradigm.

  • Dysfunctional institutions channel ambitions towards rule-breaking. Functional institutions channel ambitions towards rule-following.

  • There is an official hierarchy and a shadow hierarchy. Shadow work serves as oxygen for the lungs.

  • Most wish to live a peaceful and dutiful life, and rightfully so. In return, the universe ensures to forget them as to not even appear in its footnote.

  • A career politician’s trajectory is abundant with board seats, committees, awards, and credentials—a house of cards where ideas find their early grave. 

On Dormant Ancestors, Blind Masterpieces, & Deaf Orchestras

  • The lives of our ancestors are dormant in the language and metaphors we utter. Speak, so I may greet them.

  • Humanity will cease to be human once elders teach their machines as they would their children.

  • Windows for gazing afar are glasses for the soul. 

  • Innocent words in the hands of a chemist become dangerously potent.

  • The morning glow penetrates your eyes as to awaken your mind—a temple of the heat until the moon prevails again. 

  • What is the duty of writers but one of translating the thoughts of other eras into ones fit for our times?

  • Thoughts cocooned under the shadows of lines are unrecognized masterpieces glanced over by the blind.

  • If you are amazed that some bring the same enthusiasm to their speeches as they did their first, despite delivering them hundreds of times, then realize deaf persons cannot experience the pleasures of playing an audience like a symphony orchestra.

On Genius Etiquette, Imposing Vision, & Critical Institutions

  • Humility is to genius as water is to fire. Genius bites, hisses, and spits. 

  • The madman who does not appear to be mad is genius. More than one in a room, and they will all appear mad. 

  • No point in resurrecting past geniuses, find and nurture those alive today for future generations to enjoy.

  • There are no precedents for unrivalled imagination. You may criticize everything, but that does not turn the universe into a parody. 

  • Critics are so domesticated as to become institutions. Assign them what they criticize, so their pride and reputation are on the line. 

  • Does my arrogance amuse you? Then I am worthy of your attention. Does it irritate you? Then I am worthy of your pride. Does it inspire you? Then I am worthy of your ambition.

  • Great founders impose their vision upon humanity—and this is not done with a business model canvas in one hand and post-its in the other.

  • Afflicted with a certain addiction, great founders have a compulsion to shrug off failure and return to their growing collection of scars.

On Faster Light, Lord of the Earth, & Quips with Whips

  • The internet is the only place where stupidity travels faster than light.

  • Creativity works in all directions. One continues to be surprised at the infinite ways humans creatively mistake stupidity for wisdom.

  • Volunteer yourself for hell. Lucifer is the lord of the earth, and he is not as ugly as made out to be. Even if something bad should happen, and danger might seem imminent, you’ll find some remedy within the situation. Let contact with the earth be your compass.

  • The cure for ambition is ambition. But do not surpass in displaying your gifts; be excessive in your perfection, moderate in showing it. 

  • A quip is quickly followed by the sound of a whip; a child may derive satisfaction in angering the parent with a snarky remark before a beating.

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